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What Are Fellowships?

Fellowships support the cost of a post-graduate activity or your graduate or professional education. Many are discipline-specific and application to some require the assistance of an appointed campus liaison or faculty advisor.

Additional Information Before Applying

They may have campus deadlines well before the published national deadline so it’s important to contact them at least 3 months ahead of the national deadline. Questions? Don’t hesitate to make an appointment to clarify requirements and other options that may also be a good fit!

Fellowship Opportunities

Fellowships are listed in alphabetical order below. See the links on the sidebar to filter your search.

Cleveland Foundation Public Service Fellowship

The Cleveland Foundation Public Service Fellowship immerses talented, emerging leaders from across the country in the work of Cleveland’s public sector, providing them an opportunity to develop their skills, enhance their networks, and jumpstart a career in public service. This is a 12-month, full-time paid placement at a selected public sector agency in Cleveland, along…

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Davies-Jackson Scholarship

The Davies-Jackson Scholarship Two years of study at the University of Cambridge (England) for first generation college students with exceptional academic records (3.7 min GPA) in select non-science fields (Archaeology; Classics; Economics; Education; English; Geography; History; History of Art; History and Modern Languages; History and Politics; Human, Social, and Political Sciences; Mathematics; Modern and Medieval…

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Davis Projects for Peace

Davis Projects for Peace is an initiative for all students at the Davis United World College Scholars Program schools (including Kalamazoo College) to design their own grassroots projects for peace that they themselves will implement anywhere in the world during the following summer. One hundred projects will be selected from proposals from over 85 campuses…

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Davis Putter Scholarship

The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund aids people active in movements for social and economic justice. These need-based scholarships are awarded to students who are able to do academic work at the college or university level or are enrolled in a trade or technical program and who are active in the progressive movement. 

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FAO Schwarz Fellowship Program

The FAO Schwarz Fellowship program offers a transformative two-year experience designed to develop leadership skills and prepare graduating college seniors for success in the social impact sector. Each Fellowship is paid and includes benefits. *   A paid position at a leading nonprofit host organization in New York, Boston, or Philadelphia   *   Direct service work…

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